Thursday, 14 April 2011

Colours of Holi

Up until last weekend, when my friend informed me of it, I didn't know anything about Holi! There's some rather avant-garde looks accidentally created by what looks like a very fun process! It's by the far the most colourful celebration I've ever seen and here is a summary according to the BBC:
  • A spring festival, usually celebrated in March
  • Holi also celebrates Krishna, and the legend of Holika and Prahalad
  • Holi is particularly celebrated in North India
  • Although Holi has religious roots there are few religious things to do
  • Distinctions of caste, class, age, and gender are suspended during Holi
  • A very exuberant festival, with dancing, singing, and throwing of paint
  • Holi features gender rivalry, with contests between men and women, and public flirting
  • Bonfires are lit during Holi, and food offerings are roasted
  • The festival is officially celebrated on the day after full moon during the month of Phalunga, which falls in February-March


    1. i heard about this through this blog: i dont really like her blog, but the holi photos are good

    2. Ha! Her description is much more in depth though for one thing. Asha told me about it cause they were using the same powder in a Bollywood song we watched on youtube

    3. Have a look at the Holi references for the recent Thakoon catwalk show in New York.


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